Sunday, November 21, 2004


Josh has been very verbal all of his life. He was speaking in sentences at his first birthday. Today Heather and I were very concerned with his laguage accuisition. He was standing by the front door repeating "damn potty" over and over again. He was kind of singing it. Heather was getting mad, so she told me to come hear what my son was saying. He said it again to me three or four times. I asked him why he was saying that. He said, "Because the Wiggles do." I knew that the Australian childrens singing act would never sing about a "damn potty" so I had to think of all of the repetative tapes from down under that we have now watched ad nauseum. After a few seconds I realized, he was saying "Dance Party." I told him that he meant "dance party." He responded, "No, they say 'potty.'" Damn Australian waste system.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Stomach flu

I got very sick. I knew better when i woke up on Monday morning, but I went to work anyway. I made it though the first 4 hours of the day, concentrating heavily on not throwing up. Fifth hour was rough, but by sixth, I had to sit down, it was hard to talk, and I started sweating. With 10 minutes remaining in class, I let the students read the material for themselves, and I didn't offer my standard information. With two minutes remaining I told them I was letting them leave two minutes early because I was going to go and get sick. I asked if they knew that I was sick. They responded with silent nods. They left, and I went across the hall, hoping very strongly that no one was in the bathroom. I got in and lifted the lid, just in time. I left school right after that, got home and slept for a few hours. I didn't go to work Tuesday, on Heather's orders. Thank god I didn't, I continued to be sick for a majority of the day, but I probably would have tried to go in Tuesday morning if she didn't call me in Monday night.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

HDTV is here

I got HDTV installed Thursday. Football on FOX is amazing. You can see every mark on every jersey. You can see the air holes in the jerseys. It's like standing on the field. AMAZING Thank you Comcast for making this only $5 a month. I also got DVR boxes int he deal. Each one has a 120 GB HDD which can record any signal, including the HDTV signal. IT can record 12 hours of HD before filling the HDD. That means that one hour of HD is 10 GB. Wow.