Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour

I'm not very environmentally friendly. Or friendly at all really. But I do try to do little things to promote good choices for my sons. Today's Earth Hour is an example. We sat in the dim candle light for the last hour, in a show of solidarity for earthlings around the planet. Turning things off is good...really. I picked up my copy of Michael Palin's Python diaries and started reading about an interesting time in an interesting man's life. All I kept thinking was how a good writer can spin a tale that's thought provoking even about the mundane tasks of life. I've committed myself to diary entry before, but every time I think of it I can only believe the number of benefits would outweigh any of my feelings of inadequacy and lack of commitment. I am committed. I need a diary to express my thoughts. Many before me have proven it. It is so easy and high tech on the iPad. I feel like I'm creating a report on my PADD. (look it up). Add to that the fact that I finally watched The Social Network this afternoon and realized how vital to history blogging is.