Friday, December 01, 2006

Weather or Not

As my students will attest, I am a weather nerd. When I heard that the weather was turning this week, I got anxious. I continued to be nervous. I didn't sleep much last night as I anticipated the snow and the possibility of not having school today. In class yesterday I told the students that we had a 30% chance of missing school, and a 70% chance that we would be there. I further voiced my opinion that we would have about 3-6" of snow today.
I was awake enough to see the clock at 2:26 am, 3:15 am, 4:00 am and then the phone rang at 4:51 am. Mirian called to tell Heather that U-46 was off. I sat in bed with WGN-TV on for another 35 minuted before getting my call that we had a snow day.
Heather kicked me out of bed around 6:oo am and I took my shower and dressed before coming downstairs for a pot of coffee. Alex woke at 7:30 am and I introduced him to the white stuff from his bedroom window. The look in his eye was a combination of wonder and shock. ("where did outside go?"). Josh went out three seperate times and played lovingly.
All told, we got 10-15" here. The city of Chicago had about 3-5". The schools in the city stayed open. As I write this now, the temperature is at 18.3 degrees with a wind chill at only 7.
It's 10:21 pm now, and I still haven't put on a shoe or ventured outside. I have no desire to do so. I guess I just don't have the snowballs.