Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I recorded and posted my first podcast today. I felt odd talking to myself. I was hoping for a guest host or a caller (I had set up Skype for callers) but alas I had none.
I've been making fake radio shows all my life but this is the first one I've placed on to the Internet for general public consumption.
This should be the first of many shows. I hope that I can keep this going and add more shows in January and February even in the midst of play production.
I have high hopes for the play this year The Music Man is a classic title with some classic numbers. Now we just need to nail down (pun intended) our design for the set. Be sure of costumes and choreography and make all of the rest of it fall in to place.

Leave a voicemail at (646) 495-9244 x 98433 We'll probably play it on the air.

Stay tuned.