Saturday, December 10, 2005

TV makes the world important

A strange thing happens in Chicago which doesn't occur in many other parts of the country. Once an anchor or reporter is on the air (television or radio), they are treated as stars to the local viewing audience. In other parts of the country, central Illinois being the one I know about, the reporters are a part of the community just like the local teachers and firemen. They are seen at the local shops and restaurants.
In Chicago, these people are unseen and unreachable other than the one way communication of the reports.
I have on my wall of autographs a sheet signed by a long list of local news people from a performance of A Christmas carol that they presented on stage a few Christmases back. The local names have become some national figures over the years. The performance included Robin Meade, who has since taken an anchor position on CNN, and Roger Ebert and Richard Roper, two local columnists who also have a very successful syndicated program as movie critics.
This sheet remains one of the most impressive in my collection to most locals. Amazing how important TV can make things (and people) seem. I'm looking at YOU Paris Hilton.