Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Does anyone really find success in their resolutions? I made some very believable resolutions last year. They fell away as soon as the champagne taste left my taste buds. Should I make any resolutions this year? Can I make myself different? Can I change? Do I want to? should I?

2010 was the year of the iPad. I podcasted about it 12 months ago, it was released in April, and now it rules my tech life. I use it for everything from gaming, to voicemail. In fact I wrote this entire blog entry on the iPad while watching my eight-year-old at an indoor skatepark.

I watched a very inspirational biography special this morning. I think all successful people's biographies are inspirational.
My love of female pop singers continues. My new interest is Katy Perry. She was the child of very Christian parents who did not expose her to any secular culture. She became the superstar she is due to her own gumption. She went out on her own at 17 and found out all of the history of pop culture all at once.

She made a great point at the end. An idea that I knew long ago, but it is my 2011 new year's resolution. If you want something to happen, that's great, but without doing something about it, it's only a wish. Wishes without action are no better than air. If I want something that I don't have -- it is up to me to get up, get out and get it.