Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Plague

For the last two months our area has been besieged by a massive flu outbreak. The symptoms are always the same: a high fever 102-103° sustained, vomiting, and dizziness. The symptoms last for a full week. This is no 24 hour bug. We had over 200 middle school students out one day in January. The other days weren’t much better 100+ kids out each day. I was short 14 students in a class of 33 one day.
Heather has apparently contracted this brutal disease today. She was up at 2:00am with a 102° fever, which is more like 103° for her because she is normal at 97°. We rescheduled Josh’s Birthday last week because he was vomiting. Of course it was rescheduled for today, and now Heather is sick. Ought to be fun.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Joshua is Three

Josh's Birthday is only a few days away. We have two parties scheduled for Saturday. A family party in the morning, and a kids' gymnastics party in the afternoon. Today Heather got a call from Sandi...Josh vomited at Sandi's house. Heather came home and Josh continued to be sick. She cancelled the gymnastics party. After Josh's nap, he woke up and said, "I'm better now." Thankfully he's fine.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Chicago Rush

Dancin' Steve is back. I threw a SuperBowl party after the opening Rush game. I'm still unsure whether the new season schedule will benefit the league or not. They decided to start the season two weeks early this year. The first games were played in the off week petween the NFL playoffs and the SuperBowl. This meant that the home opener for the Rush was on SuperBowl Sunday. That game was noon-3:00pm, then the SuperBowl started at 5:00pm. I had just enough time to get two fiesta pizzas from our new Aurelio's in South Elgin, two growlers of beer from Emmett's in West Dundee, and get home before my guests arrived.
The party was a huge success. We served sushi from Costco, a vegie tray, a fruit tray, turkey roll sandwiches, a cheese log, chips, dip, tortillas, guacamole, salsa, chili dip, spinach dip, brownies, and turtle cheesecake.
There were 32 people in the house. The theater was full. There were about 14 people in there. I even got some folding chairs to go in there. The 100" HDTV picture was great.