Thursday, July 14, 2005

Summer Depression

Mid July is the time I start moping around the house looking desperately for SOMETHING to do. I have cleaned out parts of the basement even at this point. The $400 I have made on eBay are even boring now. I turned to the stock market this week for a little excitement, made $60 today.
Mid July is when my mind turns to the upcoming school year. I want this year to be the best yet. I have an established curriculum now. I've taught the same thing each quarter for three years now. I can point to my schedule of school days and tell you what I'll be doing that day. It's really great. But on the same hand (maybe it's the other one), I see how much my curriculum could be changed to make the experience better for the students. The grad class I'm taking on curriculum has so far opened my eyes to the problems in my current curriculum, and presented me with the challenge of making it better.