Monday, June 15, 2015

State of TMS


Too Much Scrolling is approaching two milestones, one complete year and 20,000 listens.

Time to reflect on what we are doing, what has worked in our first year and what to do different in our sophomore year.

The data suggests that we do best when we have “celebrity” sound bites to open the show and guest contributors. I’d like to continue to do both in the next year.

Do you know any celebrities? Especially ones with distinctive voices? Would you be able to get them to say “g’moooooorning?”
Send them to to record a sound bite for us.
Cross promotion of their projects certainly is a selling point for 20 seconds of their time.

Second, would you like to be a guest on the show? We can discuss your particular passion or area of expertise. Email us

I don’t believe we should change our format. I think that the App of the Week, Book of the Week and Movie of the Week are perfect topics. However, Book of the Week has proven to be difficult. In the 48 weeks thus far, we have covered 34 books. That includes comic book reviews but not the repeats of books that were double covered this year for newsworthy reasons.

I have a few ideas about how to change that. 1. Keep the BookIT segment on track for intermittent coverage (34/48 ain’t bad). 2. Make the BookIT segment a bi-weekly or even monthly segment. 3. Make BookIT a book club where we get a group together (monthly perhaps) to discuss an assigned book (assign it on the first of each month and discuss on the last of each month). 4. Make the BookIT a seperate feed outside the Tuesday schedule. This would allow us to discuss a book WHENEVER.

...And Now the News
I have said for a long time that the news segment needs to be changed. I believe that we need to either make it a second weekly feed, or cut it all together. Potentially it could be its own show. I believe we would have double the listeners if we had double the weekly shows. If the Film at 11 and App-etite were one 20-30 minute show a week, the ...And Now the News was a weekly 10-20 minute show and the BookIT were a monthly 20-30 minute show, I believe we would see listener (and subscriber) numbers jump.

I love our opening and closing music! It’s perfect. Be sure to Support Grenadier and pick up their album Hi Flyers that has both “Fool,” and “Hi Flyers,” the tracks from the show, along with some other great songs.
What about You?
We would love to hear more feedback from our listeners! What do you like about the show? What do you hate?
Email any and all suggestions to
leave us a voicemail or a text at (805) 410-4TMS
Leave a Review and Subscribe on iTunes

Support the Show
Thank you for all of your support of the show in the first year.
The best way to support us is by shopping!
Replace your Amazon links on all of your devices with our address

Every time you bid on an item (even if you don’t win) using our ebay link we make a few pennies to continue putting on great shows!

Thank You
Thank you again for listening and for a great first year of podcasting!
It’s been so much fun!
Thanks again to Chip for volunteering to take on this challenge with me!
There is no doubt that Chip has made Too Much Scrolling the success that it is.
There is no way I could have done this without him.

Thank you even more to my non-radio partner, my wife Heather. Thank you for your understanding of my peculiar need to start a crazy podcast! Thank You for allowing me the time to express myself to the world! I appreciate you!

--Steve Fodor


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