Monday, May 23, 2005

This Week

This week has been an interesting study for me psychologically. We closed a show this weekend. It went very well and now it is very over. My son was diagnosed with migraine headaches for which he is having an MRI in two weeks. My wife's birthday fell on one of my show nights, and the Saturday after it, I still had a show to put on. My Grad school class has been a monumental challenge to me since MATH is a four letter word in my vocabulary. I have an English degree for a reason -- I don't do math. I had one semester of math in college to fulfill my graduation requirement. Oh and I teach for a living too. This minor inconvenience has become the last on my list over the past few months. It seems like everyone around school feels the same. Fourth quarter is this year just a stumbling block to the finish line (okay it is many years). I have been "getting through" my days at school to get home to work on grad school, family, or show. Now that one of my jobs is over (two if the Rush don't advance in the playoffs) maybe I can concentrate on my other three jobs. Out of three though, teaching is still the bottom of the pile.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Rush

Only two games remain in the Rush's fifth season. The playoffs are so close the team can smell them, but they can't get in without winning at least one of the last two games scheduled. They're both against teams who have been eliminated from the playoffs, but who have been causing havoc in the league the last few weeks. They have disrupted many a playoff run this season. The Rush will need to stop one of the most prolific quarterbacks in the league in order to win tomorrow.
Hopefully it will be an exciting game, and Dancin' Steve will have little entertaining to do.


Pippin's six show run is half over.
It has been a great thrill to be on stage again. I had forgotten how much fun the stage really was. Teaching drama for the last three years without a true memory of how great a profession this is has been unfair to the students.

Remaining show schedule:
Saturday May 14 8:00 pm
Friday May 20 8:00 pm
Saturday May 21 8:00 pm