Monday, April 25, 2005

Show dates


Friday May 5 8:00pm
Saturday May 6 8:00pm
Friday May 13 8:00pm
Saturday May 14 8:00pm
Friday May 20 8:00pm
Saturday May 21 8:00pm

Elgin Community College's Second Stage Theater
call (847) 741-0532

Sunday, April 24, 2005


12 more days to show time on my latest version of the great American musical. I have been in rehearsal for the past few months on a presentation of the 1970s Steven Schwartz musical Pippin. THe lead is played by Marty McNamee, a professional actor from Wisconsin. I play Pippin's older, athletic...stupid brother. The highlight of the show thus far has been my redition of a three year old's tantrum. I hope the audience will take it as humorously as my fellow actors have. Up to this point, they have laughed uncontrollably whenever I perform the scene. I ask them everytime if it's still funny, and they say that it is. 12 days. 12...short...days.


Heather brought home 5 new finches tonight. A great surprise since she bought a big new cage during the week. I knew something was up.

Friday, April 15, 2005

New Web Page

The Dancin' Steve Web page got a fancy new Makeover tonight. My thanks to Heather and her Master's level expertise. I'll make some more modifications to the page as I can over the next few days.