Saturday, April 02, 2011

Brothers and Sisters

Diane came to visit today. She got here before we did since we were travelling from Peoria. She called us 5 minutes before we arrived (it's uncanny how often she does that). This time she called to inform us that the cats had dumped a pot of tamales off the stove and started eating them from the floor while we were gone. Both Heather and Alex replied "were they having a fiesta while we were gone?" and "were they wearing sombreroes?" I rewired the house once again so that I could once again receive signals over the air. Rich Koz's 32nd year of Svengoolie will be nationally syndicated, but it was moved to one of WCIU's digital channels tonight. My cable company does not offer MeTV (26-3) so in order to watch it, I must use the antenna. Maybe a switch to AT&T's U-verse wll allow me to watch the Rush on NFL network, svengoolie on MeTV and get an iPhone for journaling.


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