Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Matsui or Matt Suhey?

I know I’m not the sharpest hunk of cheese, but every time I hear news of Japanese baseball stars Hideki or Kazuo Matsui, I wonder when Matt Suhey (famous American football player) started playing baseball.
Baseball used to be our national sport, but in the last decade people have finally realized how boring a sport it really is. I did watch the 9th inning of the White Sox game last night. And I was emotionally connected to the game with three great outs recorded at the glove of 3rd Baseman Juan Uribe. They were some circus catches and throws.
Each year I take our British soccer visitors to a baseball game. I feel that it should be a part of their American experience. I am cheap, so I take them to Schaumburg. Each year I am reminded how dull the game itself really is. People who still go to baseball games, go for reasons other than the thrill of the contest, most of the time. Every time I talk to someone about the Kane County Cougars, they say something about the fun that can be had, and never about the baseball game itself. Similarly, I’m told that the atmosphere of Wrigley Field is the reason so many people pay money to go there, not to watch baseball. Again, in my 33 years, I have NEVER step foot inside Wrigley field. I drove by it once in 1999, while driving around that part of town, and closing down a video store. My thought was, “Hmm, there’s Wrigley field. Cool. Where does everybody park? Oh well.” And I drove away.
Football season officially begins for me tomorrow night, with the first Chicago Bears preseason game. I know it’s just preseason, it doesn’t count, etc. but I don’t care. I just really want to watch a football game, regardless of the outcome or the reasons behind its existence. I want to hear what coach Ditka has to say about the prospects of this year’s team. I want to react to the play in my very emotional manner that usually involves shouting at the television.
When I watch a game and my favored team (Bears or Rush) windup losing, I am usually depressed for a good half of a day. This emotional attachment to a game and to a bunch of guys who don’t care about me personally is ridiculous. But it inevitably happens to me. The same happens when I lose money in the stock market coincidentally. I’m up $300 on the day at this moment. Maybe the Bears will win too.
Someone find me a picture of Matt Suhey and Matsui (either one) shaking hands. Then find me a picture of Yoda talking to Grover. I’m still sure they are the same creature.


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