Friday, September 10, 2004


I did it, I bought an iMac. After working for two years teaching the workings of this machine, I'm once again the owner of one. I haven't owned an Apple product since I started college in 1992 and left my Apple IIGS behind at home to rot. Previous to that I had an Apple II+. I had never touched a DOS machine untill that first few days at college when I moved into the Residence Halls of the Future, where a DOS based clone greeted me with its green blinking cursor eye. I never went back to Apple after that. That is untill I accepted the job at Westfield, and started teaching Mac for a living. Two years later and I found a G4 iMac on ebay for $800 plus shipping. 17" screen, 256MB RAM, 80GB HDD, and a 1 Ghz G4 processor. Zero coomplaints. I think it's going to leave my hous ethis weekend though. My mother-in-law NEEDS a new computer (to replace her Acer which has reached its 10th Anniversary). I can't in good conscience give her a Win XP machine. They simply aren't stable enough for her to be 3.5 hours away. The iMac, which kicks major butt, is the best solution for her.


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